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Sunday, August 17, 2014

I've been a huge fan of Noonday Collection for the past two years and always host trunk shows when the new lines become available. I love a good trunk show party. I absolutely love inviting my girlfriends over, opening a few bottles of wine or making one of the cocktail recipes I've been oogling on Pinterest, and enjoying piece after piece of amazing artistry that comes in every necklace, bracelet, accessory and earring from Noonday.

Couldn't make my party?? Please feel free to shop online HERE and type in "Jenny Robertson" at check out as your adorable hostess.

I ordered the super cute Sip & Shop invitations through Pear Tree Greetings -- they were perfect for this party -- and Pear Tree Greetings has offered a $50 gift code to one of my readers! Be sure to read all the way down and enter to win!
If you've yet to hear of Noonday Collection, you're really in for a treat. The jewelry is funky and unique and beautiful {I get compliments constantly}, but it is also jewelry with a purpose. Noonday Collection hires artisans in ten impoverished countries, giving jobs with dignity that pay a living wage. When you shop Noonday Collection, you're helping these artisans earn a sustainable income so they can keep their families together.

I always like to put out a nice spread for my girlfriends. I like my friends to come hungry and leave full {and maybe just the tiniest bit tipsy}. Today I served lemon squares {easy-peasy from the frozen section at Trader Joes}, homemade cupcakes, raspberry-mint bourbon iced tea and mojitos!
One of my favorite things about Noonday jewelry is how versatile it is. I am a tshirt and jeans kind of girl and Noonday really makes my casual wardrobe pop. Almost every single piece is perfect with a laid-back look. But also, the exact same pieces I pair with jeans goes so well with a date-night dress or even to a cocktail party.
2014-08-17_0004 2014-08-17_0011
The Pagoda Necklace and the Roar necklace {below} were some of the standout new necklaces for me! The Roar was an immediate love once I saw the catalog -- I just love the uniqueness of it. The Pagoda was one I had completely passed over -- but once I saw it in person, I just new it'd easily be that necklace that I'd wear all the time.
Real talk: Arm Parties. I'm absolutely sooooo into stacking bracelets. I love, love, love all the possibilities to pair bracelets together in this new line. I think my children are going to have to eat a few more PB&Js and spaghetti this month because, really, I need them all. My favorites are below!

1st image: Very Versatile Bracelet paired with the Everest Wrap Bracelet.
2nd image: Sofiya Wrap Bracelet paired with Ivory Tiles Bracelet
3rd image: Clustered Bracelet, Blue paired with the Everyday Artillery Bracelet and the Galaxy Wrap Bracelet
4th image: Entwined Bracelet paired with the Everest Wrap Bracelet.
2014-08-17_0006 2014-08-17_0005
I knew I had to get these Feathered Fringe Earrings in Cobalt the second I laid eyes on them. I already am obsessed with my Annie's Feathered Earrings that I've had for a year and was so excited to get the same look with a new pop of color!
I was SO excited to see my friend, Rose, take home this gorgeous Tushable Layered Necklace. This necklace is fierce and makes such a statement!! It is beyond. Just beyond.
2014-08-17_0009 2014-08-17_0010
There are also quite a few items on sale right now that I already own and LOVE. Check out the Brightly Would Bracelet, the Ornate Horn earrings and the Rockstar Orange Necklace.

Be sure to enter for a chance to win $50 to Pear Tree Greetings to order any of their beautiful invitations or order for your very own Sip & Shop party! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Ben's Bar Mitzvah

Monday, July 28, 2014

My dear friend, Jodi, asked me last year if I would photograph her son's Bar Mitzvah and I happily said "OF COURSE!" but, I had a confession to make to her first: I had never been to a Bar Mitzvah before. I grew up going to Catholic school so I missed out on all the amazing Mitzvah celebrations as a child.

I told Jodi that I certainly understood if she wanted to hire someone who, well, knew what they were doing. But Jodi said no, it had to be me. She wanted my fresh take on the day. She liked that I'd shoot it the way I saw it and she liked that my style captured moments, not poses.  So, even though I was TERRIFIED, I put my big girl camera over my shoulder and made my way to Temple for the first time.

Before I start displaying all the gorgeous memories of Ben's special day, I just need to say that my first Bar Mitzvah was an incredible experience! Jodi's three boys are some of the greatest children I've ever come across. They are sweet and funny and kind, but they are also extremely respectful. Sitting in temple with Ben's family and friends, I was overwhelmed with the beauty of the community, the tradition and the love that filled the room. The speeches from Ben's parents to their son -- to their son who has just become a man in the eyes of God -- were so very incredibly touching that I felt the urge all day to just jump in the middle of all of it and just hug every single one of these wonderful people. And I might, I just might have been doing the ugly cry a few times behind my lens.
2014-07-28_0001 2014-07-28_0002 2014-07-28_0003 2014-07-28_0004 2014-07-28_0005 2014-07-28_0006 2014-07-28_0007 2014-07-28_0027 2014-07-28_0008 2014-07-28_0009 2014-07-28_0010 2014-07-28_0011 2014-07-28_0012 2014-07-28_0013 2014-07-28_0014 2014-07-28_0015 2014-07-28_0016 2014-07-28_0017 2014-07-28_0019 2014-07-28_0020 2014-07-28_0021 2014-07-28_0022 2014-07-28_0023 2014-07-28_0024 2014-07-28_0025

Beth + Nicole | Northern Virginia Wedding Photographer

Monday, July 7, 2014

I was given the incredible honor of photographing Beth & Nicole's wedding! Not only are they beautiful, but they are truly wonderful and sweet people -- and the pleasure was all mine.

Everything about their wedding was FUN! From the instamax guest book, the dancing, the BBQ, the giant jenga, the whiffle ball games, the beach volleyball court, the ice cream truck, and the 150 really awesome guests, this wedding was truly the kind of party that everyone wants to be a part of! Take notes, people. This is how a wedding is done!
2014-07-03_0014 2014-07-03_0015 2014-07-03_0016 2014-07-03_0017 2014-07-03_0018 2014-07-03_0019 2014-07-03_0020 2014-07-03_0023 2014-07-03_0022 2014-07-03_0021 2014-07-03_0024 2014-07-03_0025 2014-07-03_0026 2014-07-03_0027 2014-07-03_0028 2014-07-03_0029 2014-07-03_0030 2014-07-03_0031 2014-07-03_0032 2014-07-03_0033 2014-07-03_0035 2014-07-03_0034 2014-07-03_0036 2014-07-03_0037 2014-07-03_0038 2014-07-03_0039 2014-07-03_0040 2014-07-03_0041 2014-07-03_0042 2014-07-03_0043 2014-07-03_0044

Later in the evening, we walked across the Key Bridge to the DC border to make it legal and capture the sun setting over the Potomac.

2014-07-03_0045 2014-07-03_0046 2014-07-03_0047 2014-07-03_0048 2014-07-03_0049